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President Bush visits the Katrina survivors

President George Bush finally visited the ruins of the hurricane at the American Red Cross national. He extended to the victims some relief operations that will help the operation to organize the disaster. The relief came from the Disaster Operations Center in Washington.

Its sizeably successful that the President thought pf visiting the place so that he might see and feel the shortcomings his countrymen have gone through. He declared to the people that there are a lot of all the people and neighboring countries that are willing to help. He also said that he came to help the everybody.

He said that it is now necessary to gather and collect donations such as funds , blood, time and care. The survivors really positive need relief right now. Their homes have been taken away leaving them empty handed. In a county suffering from disaster, it is not appropriate to leave them hungry. Health and safety should come first in treating this situation. Although the people are hopeless, at least these reliefs will ease their pain and keep them struggling to survive.

But volunteers and kind hearts is all that they absolutely need. The country is at low and especially the victims of the hurricane. Much has been taken away from them so an extra hand is all they need to keep up with the hardships they are facing now. Hopes have been high that soon the country will recuperate from this tragic acquired skill although they fear that it is quite impossible to achieve.

He visited the victims again bringing relief and other helpful options to the families. He stated that even if the relief did not come too soon as expected, at least more services and relief operation has been offered today. More food has been brought and delivered. The many people absolutely need more food each day. There are a number of everybody in evacuation sites so constant relief is needed to keep them alive and in sizeably good health.

He then asks for blood donors for the victims who are under a serious state and condition. If more concerned citizens will reach out, the more chances there will be of saving peoples lives. Many victims had been badly hurt and they absolutely need immediate medication and treatment. This situation should be given more care and attention so as not to let them suffer more.

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