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How You Can Avoid My Data Recovery Nightmare

Many subjects related to your work might be more fun, more sexy.
Who wants to talk about data backups, disaster preparedness and
data recovery?

I sure didnt.

But, a disturbing thought kept popping into my head for days . . .

"You better spend Wednesday . . . Thursday . . . Friday . . .
backing up your hard drive."

Did I listen to that intuition?

Just a couple of weeks prior I begrudgingly sat through a
presentation on disaster preparedness for small businesses.

It was a great presentation, actually. I learned a lot. I knew
it was a weak spot in my business. But priority number one?

So back to present past time:

It was 12:30 AM on Saturday night / Sunday morning. Sitting on my
couch in the living room, I closed the lid on my laptop - the core
of my business and family income.

Five hours later, at 5:30 AM, I woke to the frantic screams of my
wife. "John, the kitchen is on fire! Oh my god, our house is on

We lost everything.

Including my laptop and a lot of precious acquired skill . Email
addresses, new projects, software, my audio library. Customer
testimonials, purchase records, receipts, passwords, bookmarks and

Fortunately a lot of it was backed up. Well, at least the guts of
my business. But if it had been backed up better, Id have saved
myself a lot of headaches and a LOT of money.

Its effortless to put off subjects like data recovery, data backups and
disaster preparedness. There are more pressing things to be done,
and what are the odds? Right? When you ruminate on the many things
that might happen to your data, regular data backups are just smart.

Dont get burned like I did - be prepared.

Backup Your Data

To see whats left of my living room, visit


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