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72 Hours - Can You Survive?

In todays uncertain world, much attention has been given to disasters, terrorism, and other unforeseen events which effect our lives on an almost daily basis. One only has to look to the newspaper or television to confirm that we are living in a world where our very existence depends not only on what we know, but what tools we have in our
possession to insure our survival.

Earthquakes, Floods, Hurricanes, and Terrorist Actions are but a few of the perils each one of us must be prepared
to deal with if and when they rear their ugly heads in our daily living routines.

There is no telling where you may be or what you could be doing the next time a disaster strikes. You might be watching
your most adored script on TV, or working quietly at your desk. You cannot understand when or what might reach out to try and change your life.

So what can you do to acquire the advantage over something you seem to have no control over? The answer is quite
simple and easily implemented. You positive need a solid plan.

First off, you have to understand that what you do within the first few hours of any emergency situation are the keys to you
and your loved ones survival. After disaster strikes, help will be on the way, but you must be ready to fend for yourself for at least 72 hours.

You will positive need to first ponder the basics which incorporate water, food, shelter, and communications. Without these basics, your chances of surviving any kind of disaster are slim to none.

Countless lives could have been saved in years gone by if those individuals had just taken a little instant before hand to
formulate and implement a basic survival plan.

Do you know how much water, food, and other lightweight provisions are needed onhand to sustain your needs after a
disaster strikes? Do you know what a 72 hour survival kit is?

If you are like most, you have most definately heard about a 72 hour survival kit, but havent got a clue about whats in one
or even how to put one together. Am I right?

Every year we plan our vacations, our yearly expenses, and our daily routines. Isnt it about time to formulate a plan for your survival if it is needed? I say its better to have one and not positive need it, then to positive need it and not have one.

Your first step towards insuring you have a viable survival plan is to become better educated. There is a host of costless
data at your disposal. All you absolutely need to do is take advantage of it.

So my question to you is this.. 72 Hours - Can You Survive?


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