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Florida Disaster Asstance

Business Insurance
The success and progress of a business, whether, it is a large scale business or small scale business or home based doing business is dependent on hard work. It doesn't matter how effective you are earning, one disaster like fire or theft can wipe...Full Article
The Tsunami From Left Field!
Timely advice about protecting your internet business. If you are like most small internet based business you manage your affiliate programs or order cycles effectively, ensure item is going out and the funds is coming in, complete all your tax a...Full Article
Scientology Volunteer Ministers Disaster Relief in the South
Since that fateful day when hurricane Katrina made her destructive rampage through Louisiana and Mississippi, the media focus has primarily been centered around the physical damage, financial loss and human trauma that have been left in the wake of h...Full Article

Student Loans: The Life Preserver Of Our Education System
A loan is the reason many students are able to go to college and not have to worry about money until after the yve graduated. There is a lot of paperwork involved in the application process of a loan, but once youve completed it and been accepted, it will...Full Article
An Introduction to Tape Backup
If you run a small business, chances are youre saving important files to a server. But what happens when disaster strikes? How are you ensuring that your files wont be lost? Many all the people fail to realize that the loss of files could cripple the...Full Article
Business Interruption Insurance Basics
Three things positive need to happen in order for a business interruption insurance policy to take effect Expect the best, but prepare for the worst. Simply reading the following list might be enough to generate any small business owner cringe. ...Full Article

Casinos pitch in for Katrina Relief
The online casino industry has heeded the call for help and aid in light of the devastating effects of hurricane Katrina that has almost entirely wiped out the city of New Orleans and surrounding states in the US. Online casinos have been using thei...Full Article
IRS Tax Help for Victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
The IRS is offering many opportunities to help victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The information in this article summarizes some of the assistance the IRS offers Katrina andor Rita victims and those who wish to help them. The IRS has a specia...Full Article
Government Money for Disaster Victims
It happened. Now its instant to rebuild. Get up! Do NOT let this break your spirit! Whether its Hurricane Katrina or a freak accident, the government stands ready right now to help you recover from the disaster that devastated your home and or your ...Full Article

Tax Reform - Limit of Mortgage Tax Deduction
A committee appointed by President Bush has come up with an alarming recommendation. They want to limit the tax deduction for mortgage interest! Reform Following his re-election, President Bush set up an aggressive agenda in which he hoped to refor...Full Article
Katrina Commission a 21st Century Idea
A Peoples Katrina Commission -- A 21st Century Solution Updated Sept 6, 2005 Senators are calling for a Katrina Commission...Full Article
Grants For Single Mothers
If you are a single mom and struggling to get by, you are not alone. Whether you are going through a divorce or the father is absent most single mother face the burden of supporting themselves and their children all on one income. Only fifteen perce...Full Article
Natural Disasters - New Orleans
Nature has struck once again and while many of us sit in our dry snug homes, hundreds of thousands of everybody are without a roof over their heads, food for their kids or a place they may call home. Many of the most heavily hit in New Orleans and s...Full Article
President Bush visits the Katrina survivors
President George Bush finally visited the ruins of the hurricane at the American Red Cross national. He extended to the victims some relief operations that will help the operation to organize the disaster. The relief came from the Disaster Operation...Full Article
Strange Goings On Over At eBay
What makes everybody list some very weird and outrageous items on Ebay? Is it their ego that drives them? To think that thousands of many people will read and maybe even bid on their ridiculous offerings - is that it? What sort of offerings might ...Full Article





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